Red Ribbon Week

RED RIBBON WEEK Announcements

Download the Full PDF Flyer.

THURSDAY, Oct. 18th – Red Ribbon Week starts on Monday with
this year’s pledge – “Life is your Journey. Travel DRUG FREE.” Red
Ribbon Week is the oldest and largest drug prevention campaign in the
country. The school will be decorated and students will be given a red
ribbon on Monday to kickoff Red Ribbon Week.

MONDAY, Oct. 22nd – Today is the kickoff celebration of Red
Ribbon Week. Each student will be given a Red Ribbon to wear
everyday this week. Remember, “Life is your journey. Travel DRUG

TUESDAY, Oct. 23rd – Today your teacher’s will be handing out
stickers to remind everyone to live a drug free life.

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 24th – Today everyone will receive a Red
Ribbon Week bracelet with this year’s theme – “Life is your journey.
Travel DRUG FREE.” Remember to wear your red uniform shirts
tomorrow to show your support.

THURSDAY, Oct. 26th – Today Bayview has gone RED to show our
support for Red Ribbon Week! Remember to wear your superhero shirt
and/or cape tomorrow to show everyone that Bayview students make
superhero choices! Sorry, but no masks allowed.

FRIDAY, Oct. 26th – Today we have lots of superheros making
superhero choices! Remember this year’s Pledge – “Life is your
journey. Travel DRUG FREE.”